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Some time ago, I decided that I wanted to made a 3D style game. Deciding against creating my own engine, I went on a search for a flexible, free engine without any splash screens or advertising. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any. So I downloaded the Microsoft DirectX SDK (about ninety mb!!) and started work on my own.

After a few weeks, this is the result so far. A 3D engine, capable of displaying 'worlds' containing 'objects'. It uses DirectInput for movement and has texture and animation support. Visit the Features page for more information about each individual feature. Or just go to the Downloads page to download a test version of Simpren.


1/8/2002 - Simpren has been put on hold for a while (hence no news for two months) while I work on other projects. Once these are done, I will hopefully have better knowledge to write a better Simpren, until then, enjoy version 0.04a! :)

27/5/2002 - Simpren v0.04a released. It can be downloaded from the Downloads page. Previous versions can still be downloaded from there also.

11/4/2002 - Simpren v0.03a released. The new version of Simpren is available from the Downloads page. The old version (v0.02a) is still avaiable for download.

Check out for Visual Basic samples, tutorials and projects.

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