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At present, Simpren version 0.04a is now available for download. Ealier versions are also avaiable for download in a self-extracting files only. PLEASE NOTE: These are alpha tests. Only download these for testing purposes. They are not yet permitted for distribution with any applications.

The downloadable file is in Microsoft Windows Installer format, which may not run on all OS's (should work on Windows Me, 2000 and XP, anything else, visit and search for Windows Installer to find a download for it). If you don't believe it will work there is a self-extracting file also for download. NOTE: This file will not register dll's. This must be done manually.

Simpren v0.04a

sr004a.msi (Microsoft Windows Installer)
530 kb
sr004a.exe (Self-extracting File)
462 kb

Previous Versions

sr003a.exe (Self-extracting File)
366 kb
sr002a.exe (Self-extracting File)
335 kb



simpren.chm (HTML Help File)
39 kb


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