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Simpren is based on the Direct3D engine. It requires DirectX 8.1 to run and a DirectX supported video card is highly recommended.

Main features (as of version 0.04a) include:

  • Rendering of textured surfaces (polygons)
  • Rendering of textured objects (in X file format)
  • Animation of objects and surfaces
  • DirectInput movement (optional usage)
  • Customizable controls (with in-built developer interface)
  • Supports all DirectX texture formats as well as bmp and jpg
  • Billboarded, double sided and transparent surfaces
  • Skyboxes
  • Simple Visual Basic initialisation and animation interface
  • Multiple resolutions and colour depths
  • Dynamic lights
  • Automatic texture pooling
  • 3D Text creatable at run-time
  • Vector based fog
  • Automatically lowers object detail at distances
  • Antialiasing
  • Multipass texturing
  • Transparent textures

Simpren version 0.04a can be downloaded here.

Check out for Visual Basic samples, tutorials and projects.

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